Limited Government

What i am about to say is something every America should know and think because it makes utter sense: The way to limit government is simple: CUT BUDGETS and change the constant built-in increases and forge sunset laws…programs cease if not renewed and adjusted.

Congress is a mob of nonsense and half are not qualified for a school board who themselves are barely qualified. If you want to slash spending…there is this crazy top secret method. It’s called CUT a DEPARTMENT’S BUDGET!!!! AMAZING!!! It is what families and every single American does when times are tough, SLASH SPENDING. For instance, DHS. CUT IT BY 20%…they will still function, they will tighten policies and employment, lean up…like everything else. Department of Defense…CUT THE BUDGET by 15% and still function. It is posssible…look at the Pentagon and all the nonsense going on!? Now it gets better…Department of Education, a wholly unconstitutional boondoggle not mentioned their, that is utterly useless and produces nothing of value whatsoever, especially when viewing the current products! 2020’s budget was 64.0 billion! That is 64’000 million dollars for nothing! Abolish the department and the country now has 64 billion elsewhere, in fungible free market form or in shoring up infrastructure or how about this: A GOP program to assist black and inner city failing schools!?

It is very simple. Don’t let politicians con you. You JUST CUT BUDGETS…they adjust…do the best they can! After all, we would have to survive whether the Federal government is solvent or not!

Bile’s Mom, the real one

Check this out. Former drug addict and drunk who birthed Simone Biles and then failed to raise her, and the girls being adopted by their Grandparents says HER REPUTATION IS BEING SLAMMED because it isn’t left in the past. This, while Simone is obviously dealing in part with this abandonment currently. It blows my mind…some people…

Pelosi’s Police Force.

In the wake of violence from far right wackos at the Capitol January 6th, Nancy Pelosi has passed and empaneled a Jan. 6 Congressional Committee to discover what happened that day. Of course, Congress is not the FBI and Nancy has done what she always does: play partisan political games like a blood sport instead of doing the country’s business. Not only did she gerrymander the panel by refusing the GOP’s picks for the panel, one of her selections to testify from the Capitol Police is a known BLM protestor and far left ideologue. It’s all such a waste of time.

One thing i have noticed is that she has seized the messaging in order to divert from something i have seen no one talk about: Pelosi is the HEAD of the Capitol Police and there has been an obvious failure by them to secure the Capitol. WHY is Pelosi not investigating her own police force to find out how this failure happened?! Nancy Pelosi is out of control, her secret goals are transparent for all to see…this is a political witchhunt and another daily example of politicians taking zero responsibility for anything.

It’s important to not what we are missing here. The Capitol Police has in excess of 2200 officers to include a fully operational SWAT team. These assets were not deployed and answers to how many were is Nancy’s secret. We see the FBI is useless…they are targeting the Right as insurrectionists but it should be noted that, it does not matter if a Militia planned the violence, Trump fomented it, or aliens from the planet Gargarzuron used quantum bursts to turn the crowd into manic rioters, NANCY PELOSI AND THE CAPITOL POLICE WERE TO SECURE the massive rally and failed!

So why isn’t Pelosi investigating the Police? Why isn’t Congress investigating HER!?! She is in charge…how does she get a pass? I think we know. The default setting of the Federal Gubbmint is LEFTIST and so is the media, which covers for Pelosi at all times. Has anyone, even Fox News, asked these question? I don’t think so. It is an travesty. It is as if America has been hijacked.