Claims that Fraud Allegations in the 2020 Election are False are Currently Impossible.

Why Are So Many Election Ballots Confusing? : NPR

It’s time someone steps back and comments on the election of 2020 and it’s problems using logic and facts.

Fact 1 – Failed lawsuits to halt certification and losses by Trump in court to force recounts or audits are easily explained. Unlike the committing of an ordinary crime and it’s statute of limitations, election fraud is almost impossible to prove before certification ends. That is because there is literally no time and the States hold all the evidence: the ballots, the routers, the computers, the logs…and judgments remove the ability to prosecute before any election is in the books. Reports of lost Trump lawsuits before certification mean very little despite triumphant nonsense from the Left.

Fact 2 – This is a philosophical, epistemological. and logical point: Unless the source of a claim thoroughly investigates the ballots and processes in individual battleground and bellwether districts, their claims that allegations of fraud are false, ARE FALSE THEMSELVES! FALSE does not mean “we lack information”. FALSE means the formulation of a claim or equation cannot be true. It is impossible to say the unknown is false. ABC News does not know if such claims are false of not. They haven’t done even the first investigation of any ballots or processes. This is a vital point that shows how FAKE NEWS is fabricated. When ABC News says Trump claims are FALSE, they do not have journalism or facts to back up such a claim.

Fact 3 – Absence of evidence does not equate to absolute claims of absence of existence. This is important. One needs evidence to make claims of any kind. This is empiricism and the basis of all science. If a judge rules against any audit or delay based on evidence they have made impossible to get in the first place, certification cannot be stopped by the challenger; only the legislature and the Secretary of State can stop certification. The states hold ALL the hard evidence needed to prove fraud and there is no time to build a proper case. This is the peculiar nature of elections. They cannot be prosecuted like regular crimes. The Trump loses in court were not based on hard evidence but circumstantial evidence such as statistics or witness reports. Being struck down in court this way casts no taint upon claims of fraud. They prove nothing, only that a judge said NO. This does not vindicate or damn an election’s results like the left loves to broadcast. That is nonsense. 20 some judgments to proceed to certification based on an impossibility to gather real evidence is not proof of a secure honest election.

Fact 4 – Despite claims by Fake News and Biden fans, there is a large body of obvious problems and allegations that together are plausible enough to warrant investigation. The stoppage of ballot counting in the middle of the night, the aggressive or strange behavior of poll workers in some districts, reports of large dumps early in the morning, the real time evidence of vote swaps etc. do not add up to “no evidence of fraud”. They is evidence of problems that need explaining that can only proceed by audit.

Fact 5 – Recounting ballots does not constitute an investigation into the legitimacy of an election. Despite victorious and dumb claims from the left, recounts only count ballots again. Recounts do not tell us if the ballots are legal or not. This is also a vital fact missing in the tidal wave of Fake News cover up nonsense. Recounts do not mean fair and honest elections. Only a deep audit can tell us the legitimacy of ballots and of the process.

Fact 6 – The chain of improbable statistics surrounding Biden’s win are evidence enough to audit. This a matter of circumstantial evidence. When every past statistical equation/result disappears, something is wrong. This is MATH, science. It may not be hard evidence but such drastic deviations from past election results is noteworthy and worth explanation. They sound an alarm. When no incumbent President with more second election votes than the first LOSES has never happened in history, something is strange. When there are more votes claimed than registered voters…again, it’s strange, worthy of investigation. When a contender wins the lowest number of districts or counties in history but wins, again, something is wrong.

Fact 7 – Fake News and Democrats protest too much. It is suspicious that they do not want to know what happened in the election. They claim any state effort to be political trickery. They cast dispersion upon auditors in Arizona without even watching the presentation, which drew no political or partisan conclusions. They even make the outrageously stupid claim that audits are an attack upon democracy. It’s all way too much. If they claim it is the most secure and fair election in history, a suspicious grandiose claim itself, what are they so worried about!?

The election of 2020 seems to fit a pattern of establishing deep mistrust in almost every political process at work currently. Americans deserve to know the extent to which our elections are dysfunctional and untrustworthy. We need to know how to fix it, just like we deserve to have trust in the FBI and DOJ, in the bureaucracy, in our justice system. If we cannot have fair elections, nothing else follows, The entire existence of America is threatened. Nothing can be trusted. It is quite obvious 2020 was the most problem ridden election in US history. Whether pandemics or mail-in ballot schemes, Americans deserve to go deep into the process, to discern where problems lie and fix this mess! It is a matter of national prosperity and sovereignty.

One thought on “Claims that Fraud Allegations in the 2020 Election are False are Currently Impossible.

  1. Reblogged this on Trump:The American Years and commented:
    “Despite victorious and dumb claims from the left, recounts only count ballots again. Recounts do not tell us if the ballots are legal or not. ” Exactly.Only a forensic audit can tell you how you got that count.That is, whether a vote was legal or illegal.great article.Again,another MUST read from the Dragon Pundit. A share would be appreciated. The article is important!


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