Gaslighting and Detailing – The Psychological Manipulation of Jen Psaki.

The Democrat party loves to use psychology to smoke the American people. They do this to capture attention, plant fear, and divert attention from their incompetence. Psaki works in her position because she is versed in this head game and has no scruples whatsoever. We can remember the Clinton era term Wag the Dog, which was using nominal military action somewhere to relieve pressure on all the consternation at the Oval Office Cigar Tube Insertions and lies. The Democrats have only refined this approach because they believe we are stupid.

Psaki starts every session with -The President is monitoring closely… or The President and his staff are HEAVILY INVOLVED in… to try to gain confidence. Today she says “We are closely coordinating with state officials every step of the way” and “something that he was monitoring over the course of the weekend” but we all know Biden was monitoring his eyelids. Psaki then outlines reams of mundane/stupid everyday happenings as if they were heroic events. She describes Hurricane Ida as “an extremely LARGE and POWERFUL hurricane…CATASTROPHIC damage…”. This is shock and awe to feed your adrenal glands.

Of course, the reason for all this hyperbole and “baffle them with BS” is to distract from Joe Biden. It seems Presidents can never seem to be fallible for some odd reason. Words, Smoke, Psychology, and BS is the order of the day. We all know FEMA is working on it. Unlike the feckless generals, lets hope they remember what their job is and how to do it.

After the laundry list of amazing gubbmint officials and typical normal functions of FEMA, she swims over to the ruling on evictions. Psaki tells us Attorney General Merrick Garland is calling on every legal source to fight evictions even though it is against the law! The Federal gubbmint has no ability to rearrange rent and mortgage agreements and everyone know its. She lays out a list of ELITE IVY LEAGUE OOGABOOGAS that are active in breaking Tort Law. This is designed to impress us…Yale – Harvard – PRINCETON {!!!} (omgosh!). One can notice it is the renters/buyers we should be concerned about but NOT the Owners/Banks. This is what Democrats do… they lord over the country by picking winners and losers. GOT VOTES? We have a winner!!! They don’t speak for all Americans, just the ones that fall within their political triangulations. Psaki then takes questions

Psaki is immediately asked about the Afghanistan withdrawal, which ends tomorrow at 3:29 pm EST. She displays her forte; reading off long lists of all sorts of things, reminding us they have been supplying daily updates (their job!), presenting all sorts of possible things, all manner of nothing…droning…giving nothing of any importance to us. Word Salad. This is designed to put us to sleep, may we forget what the question was in the first place. It is a form of filibuster. She spends 2 minutes telling us they don’t have a number of remaining Americans, no date or time blah blah.

She continues to get dumb softball questions from Fake News note takers. Sacrifice, Saved Lives, Biden is deeply impacted…then “the President stands by his decision” and adds that all sorts of “experts” agree with his process, a BALD FACED LIE and manipulation! There is no one but partisan hacks and Twitter BOTS that agree the withdrawal was a good plan. Eight year olds in Tibet know this is false. She reinforces the utter nonsense about “justifying” sending possibly thousands of troops back in, WHICH IS NORMALLY WHAT THE MILITARY DOES WHEN THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN CIVILIANS AND ALLIES ARE AT RISK, trapped in a dangerous war zone! It’s always false options and outcomes with these people. We see the Washington Post reporting the Taliban offered to let the US secure all of Kabul, giving us many avenues into the city, the ability to secure and create space around the tiny one strip pony of an airport, allowing us to push back possible attacks, to establish fields of fire and maneuverability, and transfer the security and vetting of refugees from terrorists to the US military. They report Biden nixed that deal! If this is true, it makes this historic horrible blunder even worse, taking it from bad planning into the realm of unfathomable stupidity!

Psaki then papers over the reactions of the family members at the memorial service, not mentioning that some walked out angrily saying he was talking about himself and his son. This is more gaslighting, trying to change the perception of reality. Somehow, we arrive at the absurdity that we will work to restore Karzai International Airport for the benefit of NGOs bringing aid and for the Taliban because all Islamist terror groups should have the best facilities from which to fly. She mentions the number of people we have saved without the fact Biden created to catastrophe in the first place. She doesn’t talk about all the people that will be murdered because of the folding of the Afghan Army due to withdrawn support. She doesn’t delve into the international attacks now possible due to Taliban winning a war we fought for 20 years and receiving a gigantic list of weapons adding up to more than eighty three billion dollars.

When asked about the eighty three billion in advanced US weaponry now in Taliban hands, her response is almost SHIZZ happens, adding we have enormous leverage and over the horizon capabilities WE HAD BACK BEFORE 911 HAPPENED! OOOPs, maybe not the confidence building she was attempting. Psaki is pressed on about future attacks and she drones on and on with nonsense. Leaving 22’000 humvees, 110 helicopters, 38 light attack and reconnaissance planes, 358’380 rifles, 2606 mortars and artillery pieces, 64’363 machine guns, 16035 night vision goggles, 189 armored personnel carriers…is something that can happen on the battlefield, though we don’t want it to happen!? (partial list, see link below for the BIG one!)

In the sake of brevity, I will add that this goes on for another 20 minutes, papering, gaslighting, diverting, detailing, hair stroking, spouting spurious nonsense…basically forty nine minutes of psyche-job in response to meek and silly questions from useless fraudulent journalists. I don’t even know why we have these stupid press conferences. Jen Psaki is not coming out and giving any important information. Why news people think they will scoop a sexy Pulitzer smelling report sitting on their asses in front of a podium, i just do not understand. It’s Kafkesque, like this whole presidency. Absurd. unethical, false…all smoke and mirrors. Lord Help Us!

SEE FORBES MAGAZINE for the staggering list of gifts to the Taliban courtesy of Joe Biden, Sec. Austin, JCS Milley, CENTCOM Commander General McKenzie, Sec. Blinken… it’s treasonous.–us-military-equipment-left-behind-in-afghanistan/?sh=3831e65241db

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