This is your President. Welcome to the Swamp!

White House Chief of Staff Ron Clain. Clain is a long time aide to Biden and served as VP Biden’s first Chief of Staff. Clain comes from the Investment field. He sets the overall direction for the White House.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed. Reed was Bill Clinton’s Chief Domestic Policy Advisor. He also served as a senior Biden Campaign advisor. Reed and O’Malley Dillon oversee the daily operations. They are prime Biden handlers.

Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon. Dillon was Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign Manager and joined Biden’s campaign. She is a former DNC Executive Director.

Director of Domestic Policy Susan Rice. Rice is well known as former Obama UN Ambassador, National Intelligence Advisor, and the official that fabricated the Benghazi fraud with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Rice has also been implicated as an unmasker of American civilian identities in NSA intercepts for political purposes. A known pathological liar. This retread is center on border policy.

White House Counsel Steve Richetti. Richetti is VP Biden’s second Chief of Staff and former Clinton Deputy Chief of Staff. He is a chief strategist. Worked as a lobbyist

Director of PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT Cedric Richmond. Former Louisiana Congressman and Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. Richmond was Biden campaign co-chair. He is a senior advisor along with his Public Engagement appointment.

Senior Advisor to the President Mike Donilon. Donilon was a Biden campaign strategist concentrating on speeches, polling, and advertising. Probably coined the crappy BUILD BACK BETTER slogan. I do not know but he is probably behind the teleprompter.

The Thing That Wouldn’t Go Away. SPECIAL ENVOY on Climate Fraud John F’ing Kerry. I can’t even…

International Development Director Samantha Powers. Quite possibly the most vacuous pretentious shallow blow hard in American History. She is hailed for her unique capacity to speak for hours without saying ****ing thing. She is in charge of shoveling US Tax Dollars into sh*tholes like Pakistan (who are complicit in the Taliban’s survival and victory!) She is the person that unmasked General Michael Flynn’s identity and used it to defraud FISA and ruin his life. Powers is a lifelong D.C. swamp denizen.

Consider that all these people currently work closely with Biden, have worked in the Clinton White House, in the Senate, in the Obama White House, or on the Biden campaign and have known him for years, they all are familiar with his mental and physical decline. They KNOW he is not fit, yet they engage in a sick game with the American People called “Aren’t the American People Gullible!!” As far as i am concerned they should be indicted for fraud. THEY KNOW he is half vegetable and yet they still work to hide his condition from us.

THIS IS YOUR PRESIDENT people! Check them out. THEY are making the decisions. They are in charge, not Joe Biden or even Chucklehead Harris!

Come to think of it, does the DNC always retread losers back into the Swamp!? Kerry, Rice, Beto manager…why would this bunch lead to good decisions and a strong Presidency!? They are Swamp Things!

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