#China is not safe for business

The West needs to come together and start to put the CHI-COM regime on notice. Pushing the hashtag above to trending is a good place to start…use Wuhan and recent incarcerations to shut down travel there based on China’s own crimes against the West, especially the US!

A Bipartisan cabal of Chamber of Commerce PROFITS/forget ethics political dumdums created most favored nations trading status with an aggressive Communist regime. This deal with the devil has been a disaster for America. All it has accomplished is flooded China with DOLLAR IOUs, creating wealth and building Chinese military power. America has suffered a continual steady loss of manufacturing while China has stolen technology, permits the use of stolen software on computers and open markets selling contraband movies and music. They have spies everywhere infiltrating University research and Corporate boardrooms.

China continues to be aggressive. Their buildup in the South China Sea has our fine ally Australia VERY nervous! They leaked the SARS2 virus on purpose or not but covered it up, leading to a pandemic. They continue to threaten Taiwan with invasion.

The current incompetent administration can’t be expected to have any good ideas about anything…after all, this is Slow Joe Biden we are talking about. We as Americans can get a start without the administration. I am no longer on Twitter or Fakebook so anyone out there…let’s get this trending…#China is not safe for business. Check out Scott Adams on YouTube and Locals!

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