Capitol Police utter failure.

Congressional committees released bipartisan reports on security on Jan 6th, called by lunatics to be an “Armed insurrection” to overthrow the Constitution (which is nonsense). These reports contain the obvious, that the real problem with Jan. 6th is GOVERNMENT INCOMPETENCE in securing the Capitol. The whole matter would have been different had they deployed the proper personnel and tactics. A whole host of measures were missed, including coordination with National Guard, extra training, deployment of the Capitol Police SWAT team, failure of entry security, and an opportunity to engage their full resources.

These reports illustrate the comedy that is the Federal Gubbmint. Under Democrats, the border isn’t secure, there is no justice at the DOJ, the FBI is untrustworthy, no budgets are passed, nothing is fixed, taxes are going UP, spending is out of control, Democrats are trying to pass a STEAL ELECTIONS BILL…whenever there is a question WHAT IS WRONG…it is UNLIMITED GUBBMINT and Total Politics, something the Founder’s contemplated.

There is a reason why Democrat’s always speak of TRANSFORMING…if they can destroy the processes laid down by the Founder’s, they can cheat and win every election going forward. THAT is their goal. Not security for Americans, fixed entitlements, balanced budgets, border upgrades, reprimand for China, confrontation with Iran…Democrats do not care one bit about Americans. They care about destroying the American system, the American Dream and Experiment, and wielding their own power and forcing their unpopular ideas on a benighted public. It’s is obvious through their actions and attitudes.

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