Is Portland really in the USA!?

Trying to think, who the **** lives in Portland Oregon?! I mean the citizens and voters, what kind of people are they?! What kind of people vote for anti-police, pro-riot dickheads!? What kind of people manage a beautiful city like that only to turn their backs on the civilized world!? Who ARE THESE PEOPLE~!? Are they from another solar system?! How come they have not arrested and rooted out every insurrectionist criminal in Antifa~!? WTF!?

The “elders” in Portland think it is just to indict a RIOT Officer for striking/toppling a RIOTER, someone clearly dressed in all black with a backpack, while ordered to CLEAR THE STREETS of these scumbags! It is lunacy. Why would anyone work as a LEO in Portland or any city that doesn’t have your back!? Clearing thugs from the streets involves things like striking with batons and pushing rioters to the ground. Officers are always injured in these riots. Why would they waste another day doing an impossible job for abnormal city politicians.

One thought on “Is Portland really in the USA!?

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